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లేదా నేను జైలు నుండి విడిపించినాను కాబట్టి నాకు నీవు ఎప్పుటికి రూణపడి ఉండాలి లేదంటే మా ఆవిడకు చెప్పి శామల, కిరీటి,భాను, తేజు,నంధిని లా బైటకు పంపిస్తాను అంటాడేమో అని భయపడ్డాడేమో!!!

So in this manner you'll be able to vote any contestant. You might want to be logged into your Gmail id to register your vote. It is possible to sign up only fifty votes per week.

Mumaith is Heart of attraction in home,we're all joyful for not reducing her eradicate dhanraj save karthika and archana

అంతరిక్షం నుంచి సూర్యోదయం సూర్యస్తమయం చూస్తే ఎలా ఉంటుందో చుడండి

babu need to go for jail. as he wasn't participated effectively in the game… as per the large boss question lifted in term of activity. he produced Silly final decision, he not a allege capable captain for household.. even not for your player

The show will star up from tenth June 2018. The premiere is on that working day. Already the timing and plan are out.

By voting and/or proceeding to get involved in the Voting Mechanism it's deemed that the Viewers have go through, recognized, recognized and unconditionally and irrevocably agreed to abide with many of the Stipulations of the Voting System along with other Insurance policies.

and remove sunaina I believe she came to big boss to become with thanish I believe she may do this workout aspect the big boss there is no need to cum her.. ..nani garu plzzzzz alert sunaina and thanish and save deepthi ..

Hi big boss… Actually in case you wanna improve the clearly show… you should say tejaswi and sunaina to prevent getting so possessive and attached to samrat and Tanisha all the time.

Kaushal meeda cheppe abaddale vaallaku damaging ga paduthunnayi vote chuttu Anni cameras unna aa team inni abaddalante bayata okka nijam click here chepparu

The Bigg Boss workforce have set some policies and restrictions to sign up your vote. To register your vote you should adhere to these regulations and laws. The foundations are as follows

This feature is a short while ago up for this actuality display. Google voting is much easier as opposed to Missed phone voting. Here folks had to abide click here by some clear easy course of action to vote their favorites within just no time. Star MAA sponsored by Google as a way to provide Google voting procedure for us.

As normal, Winner is chosen upon the voting foundation. The a single who receives a lot more votes in Grandfinale would be the winner for season two.

in any case teju is actively playing samrat’s game .precisely what is usage of the two keeping in bigboss property let them eradicate from bigboss. she is main reason for banu’s elimination she didnt even know she started shouting like hell on koushal. and aslo her unparlamentary language …..yaaakkkk

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